List of SciComm contributions

🎙 Q&A with Martin Wilson 🎙 Q&A with Shaihan Malik and Daniel West 🎙 Q&A with Davide Piccini and Matthias Stuber 🎙 Q&A with Cristoffer Cordes and Matthias Gunther 🎙 Q&A with Andreas Hauptmann and Vivek Muthurangu 🎙 Q&A with Russell Lagore and Kamil Ugurbil 🎙 Q&A with Yoojin Lee and Zoltan Nagy 🎥 On modeling with Dimitri Novikov, Sune Jespersen & Valerij Kiselev 📝 OHBM Hackathon 2017: A first timer's perspective 🎥 qMRI-BIDS with Tibor Auer & Gilles Hollander 🎧 Podcast: BEP001 merge debrief ☂ Continuous integration and delivery in Matlab & Octave ☂ Quantitative MRI: An illustrative introduction ☂ Quantitative MRI: The problem ☂ Every MR image is a symphony, ever quantitative map is an instrument

Scholarships and awards

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